MOTHER's Do-It-Yourself Mini-Tractor

MOTHER's do-it-yourself mini-tractor for the homestead, includes details on the fabrication of the vehicle's frame and drive train, as well as the selection of the engine and running gear.

| July/August 1982

Gardening, logging, lawn care, and snowplowing all add up to big bucks, unless you build MOTHER's do-it-yourself mini-tractor. (See the detailed mini-tractor diagrams in the image gallery.)

Home gardening is presently enjoying a steady increase in popularity. And we suspect that as the economy worsens, and as greater numbers of people begin to take a discriminating look at the often questionably safe methods and materials used in the production of commercially grown fruits and vegetables, the practice of raising-your-own will become even more widespread.

Naturally, if this backyard boom continues, more and more folks—green thumbs and greenhorns alike—will be searching for ways to ease their gardening chores . . . and many of them will more than likely find themselves in their local dealers' showrooms, eyeing the latest crop of pint-sized, 12- to 20-horsepower tractors.

And, of course, the past few years of inflation have taken their toll within the outdoor power-equipment industry. Tractors that might have been available for around $3,300 not long ago can't be touched today for much less than $4,500!

Now don't get us wrong . . . most of these mechanical mules are still good buys. In fact, the newest workhorses generally sport features and improvements that allow their operators to handle everyday plowing, tilling, and mowing chores with even less effort than was required, using similar machines, just a few years ago. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that simple economics may prevent many people—especially those just starting out with a newly acquired parcel of land—from taking advantage of the industry's latest offerings.


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