How to Build a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven in Your Backyard

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by Kiko Denzer
You can build a wood fired pizza oven in your backyardusing these simple instructions.

Learn how to build a wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard with this easy-to-make oven to bake crusty bread, tasty pizzas, and roasted meats.

Build a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Did you love to make mud pies when you were a kid? Even if you didn’t, you can still build this easy outdoor oven that works as well as a custom-built masonry or ceramic model. Cost? Next to nothing. Material? The Earth under your feet — one of the best building materials on the planet. And the skills you need are just the ones you were born with.

Follow the steps outlined below and you’ll enjoy crusty, chewy and richly flavored bread, pizza, other baked goodies, meats, and roasts in no time.

  • Updated on Aug 15, 2023
  • Originally Published on Oct 1, 2002
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