Bicycle Trailer for Recumbent Bike

Reader Contribution by Timothy Dale
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This article is posted with permission from Timothy Dale and

This is a bicycle trailer I built using used walkers I bought from Goodwill for $5 each. One walker makes up the main frame, and parts of a second walker were used to close in the bottom, which then became the front of the bicycle trailer. I built it specifically to pull behind my recumbent trike, but left a short arm on the left lower front end should I wish to adapt it to an upright bike in the future.

Scrap aluminum was used for the hitch mount on the trailer and the trike’s rack as well as to enclose the rear of the trailer. The wheels were left over from another project. It would be nice to have used a set of lighter bike wheels, but part of the purpose of this project was to see what I could do with what was on hand. The bed is a piece of scrap luan drilled out for weight and held on with zip ties. Left over webbing was used front and rear to save weight.

Aluminum sides hold the axles which are bolts running through blocks of scrap oak. These are of aluminum sheet salvaged from an old stop sign. The only thing I purchased for this, besides the walkers themselves, were some nuts and bolts and the hitch.   


The hitch is a 3/8 inch ball joint linkage quick-disconnect from McMaster Carr for $7. I don’t have any pictures of the trailer in progress, but it isn’t too difficult to see how it goes together just from the photos.


The weak part of the design is probably the rack on my trike. It’s not the strongest rack on the market — too much forward weight on this homemade bicycle trailer and the rack could bend. A stiffer rack would work better.


Photos by Timothy Dale