The Best Container for Your Terrarium

Consider these tips for picking the perfect container next time you want to make a terrarium.

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Finding the perfect container

One of the things that makes terrariums so appealing is the fun of choosing your containers. Try a little treasure hunting and artful repurposing to create terrariums reflecting your own personal taste.

Terrariums don’t have to cost much. You can find containers and other materials even at dollar stores.

In recent years, some dollar stores have added gardening sections. Some of these include plants as well as containers, so it’s possible to create terrariums just with goods that can be found in these stores. Their low prices make it affordable to experiment with different materials, such as ornamental sand and bark to decorate terrarium surfaces.

Interior design stores

Interior design stores carry purpose-made terrariums of all kinds, but when shopping in these stores, browse with an open mind as to what can other types of container may be used for a terrarium. Be sure to visit the kitchen, tableware, candle and bath sections. You may discover lots of new possibilities.

Thrift stores and craft stores

Nothing is more charming than a vintage glass container, or even one that just looks vintage. Old jars, glassware and vases are just the beginning. Vintage light globes, hurricane lamps, lanterns, decanters and so many other items can be used to make truly unique terrariums.

Like interior design stores, craft stores sell glass globes, bowls, even beakers and flasks made specifically for terrarium planting and other home decor projects.

Gardening stores

Gardening stores are goof-proof when it comes to finding the best containers for cultivation. Standard containers such as round or cylindrical types make watering and soil maintenance easy. If grouping several plants together, using a container with a wide mouth makes it easy to create the plants’ layout, so a simple container from a gardening store is recommended. And the staff are usually happy to share their expertise.

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Excerpted from Miniature Terrariums by Fourwords and reprinted with permission from Tuttle Publishing, 2018.


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