Air Plant Terrarium

Bring the desert to your home with this no-hassle, easy to care for air plant terrarium.

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A Self-Contained Desert Oasis

When skillfully cultivated and tended, air plants can flower. The little flowers inside the vivid pink “quills” last only a few days, but the quills themselves can be enjoyed for several weeks or months. To incorporate scenery into the composition, a spherical container works best.


  1. Add crushed coral and dried moss, creating different heights.
  2. Add taller air plants at the back of the container.
  3. Use tweezers to adjust composition and complete the terrarium.

Plants to use

  • Tillandsia tenuifolia – a
  • Tillandsia ionatha – b
  • Tillandsia fuchsia var. gracilis – c

You will need

  • Spherical glass container
  • Crushed coral (medium) – d
  • Moss (dried moss) – e


  • Keep out of direct sunlight and place in soft light about the same brightness as sunlight dappled through leaves. If keeping indoors, place near a window where air flows well and the light is about as bright as that filtered through lace curtains.
  • Occasionally remove from container and give plant plenty of water.

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Excerpted from Miniature Terrariums by Fourwords and reprinted with permission from Tuttle Publishing, 2018.


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