Backyard Multigenerational Bean Bag Toss

Build two simple game boxes to enjoy this entertaining backyard game.

| August/September 2013

Here is how our family plays this entertaining, multigenerational backyard game:

The goal is to rack up points by either throwing the bag into the hole (3 points) or by landing the bag on the 2-by-3-foot platform (1 point). Any bean bag that slides off the platform is not counted.

The bean bag toss should be set up on a relatively flat area, with a pair of game platforms set 25 feet apart from the front of one platform to the front of the other platform. The bean bag pitcher should not step beyond the front of the platform “setback line” when he or she is pitching.

Either two (singles) or four (doubles) players can play. The first player or team to reach 24 points is the winner. When one side reaches 12 points, the players can switch sides to give everyone the same advantage (in case of sun exposure or sloping surfaces, etc.).

Robin Anderson
Puyallup, Washington

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