A Backyard Barbecue Pit You Can Build Dirt Cheap

Reader Contribution by Adam Lafferty

Summertime means a lot of things–swimming pools, vacations, ice cream trucks, mosquito bites, and of course, sinking your teeth into some barbecue. But if you’re not in the mood for something from your buddy’s grill that looks and tastes like one of his charcoal briquettes, maybe it’s time you tried grilling your own food. And what better place to grill it than a hole in the ground?

Our backyard barbecue pit tutorial will show you how digging an ordinary pit can turn out a tasty home-barbecued feast. It’s easy, requires no bricks, cement or fancy equipment, is ideal for any neighborhood barbecue party, and the best part is it costs next to nothing! All you need is something to dig the pit, a good-sized wood or metal cover and some firewood and you’re ready to go.