Movin’ on out

Reader Contribution by Troy Griepentrog

If you’re moving out of an apartment or rented house, you’ll probably want to do some minor repairs and touchups before you check out. You do want that security deposit back, don’t you? Here are a few tips.

For a few small nail holes, you can often get by just filling them with white toothpaste (if you have white walls). But a better way to disguise nail holes in walls is to fill them with spackle using a small putty knife. The spackle will change the color of the wall slightly, even if you scrape it off thoroughly. If you don’t know that the walls will be painted, wipe the excess spackle film from the wall with a damp cloth to make your work less obvious.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is named appropriately. You’ll be amazed at how easily it removes marks from walls and other surfaces. You might want to test the eraser in a spot that’s not obvious.

You can use dish soap and water to remove many carpet stains. Dampen the area with a mild soapy solution, using an old toothbrush to work out the stain. Wipe up the soap with a damp cloth, and wait for the spot to dry before vacuuming.

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