10 May Day Baskets Made of Recycled Materials

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long

To celebrate May Day, make one of these May Day baskets with recycled materials. All you have to do now is get crafty, fill it with goodies and hang your May Day basket on a friend’s door knob. The tradition of knocking and running away can be optional.

Here are 10 different ways make May Day baskets out of recycled materials:

  1. Tin Can Basket
  2. Twig Basket
  3. Glass Jar Baskets
  4. Household Objects Basket
  5. Kudzu Vine Basket
  6. Woven Newspaper Basket
  7. Recycling Bin Full of May Day Basket Ideas
  8. Mouthwash Cap Mini Basket
  9. Recycled Wrapping Paper Basket
  10. Recycled Paper Cone Basket (They don’t mention using recycled paper, but why not?)

Do you have any other green ways to make a May Day basket? Pass on your craft and eco-friendly knowledge by leaving a comment below!

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