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Ziggy Liloia, Woodworker and Natural Homebuilder

Name: Brian “Ziggy” Liloia

Occupation: Ziggy has been heavily involved in the world of natural building since 2007, and in 2012, he hosted the first two natural building workshops with his partner April under the name of “The Year of Mud,” the same name he created when he began building his first cob house in 2008 and 2009. Since discovering the sheer joy and incredible reward of hosting natural building workshops, Ziggy has decided to pursue it as a means to not only help support himself, but to continue to educate other folks and build beautiful buildings in a way unlike any other.

Ziggy doesn’t claim a single occupation, as it is his goal to diversify his skills to be able to support himself and his lifestyle. Some of his “occupations” include builder, gardener, chicken wrangler, candle maker, woodworker, food preservationist, mushroom inoculator, blogger, photographer, video editor, firewood splitter, cheese maker, and pizza eater.

Place of Residence: Berea, Kentucky

Background and Personal History: Ziggy was born and raised in New Jersey, where he lived until he decided to move to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, shortly after graduating from college. He lived at Dancing Rabbit from 2007 to 2013. He built his first cob house at Dancing Rabbit, and, later, a timber-frame and straw-bale home with his partner April. In the winter of 2013, he moved to Berea, Ky., to continue the quest to live as lightly as possible. Ziggy hopes to buy land and form a collective homestead with an educational focus with April and their close friend Jacob.

Other Fun Facts: One of Ziggy’s main motivations in life is to re-learn hand-based skills in all aspects of life, whether it be building, gardening, cooking, or crafts. He strives to live with as little electricity as possible. He has a slight obsession with wood-fired pizza and axes, among other things. One of his greatest joys is sharing a good meal with friends — and this is perhaps Ziggy’s greatest motivator in life itself.

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