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YardMap Network

Name: YardMap Network

Rhiannon Crain: Project Leader

Becca Rodomsky-Bish: Project Assistant

Place of Residence: California and New York

Background and Personal History:

The YardMap Network is a citizen science project designed to cultivate a richer understanding of bird habitat, for people concerned with their local environments.We collect data by asking individuals across the country to draw maps of their backyards, parks, farms, favorite birding locations, schools, and gardens. We connect people, scientist and landscape details to provide tools for making better decisions about how to manage landscapes sustainably.

YardMap is housed at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology located in beautiful Sapsucker Woods. We’re home to a growing great blue heron rookery, an engaging visitor center, and the team of scientists, developers, conservationists, and educators who work together to bring you YardMap.

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