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Tom Hemme, Missouri Off-Grid Farmer and Cob Building Enthusiast

Name: Thomas Wellford Hemme

Place of residence: Bonne Terre, Missouri

Background: Tom was born and raised in Nashville, Tenn. Being a city slicker, Tom thought he was ready for farm life after having worked on local farms growing up. Little did he know the “ins and outs” of full-time farm life are more demanding than one might at first assume. Tom and his wife, Diana, spent over a year researching living off-grid and homesteading and thought that they were ready for the rigors and trials.

Prior to moving to Missouri in 2012, Tom worked as a school teacher and as a corporate trainer in publishing. He holds a BA in History from Belmont University in Nashville and a MBA from the University of Phoenix. Tom has a background of working in politics for over 30 years and has run as a candidate for the State House of Representatives in Tennessee. In addition, Tom is an ordained minister.

Tom has a passion for teaching others. It is his calling in life. For more than 20 years, he worked as a corporate trainer in publishing and as a writer. Tom is an amateur genealogist and historian. He and Diana write and illustrate children’s books and how-to guides. In addition, they are homesteading land given them by Diana’s parents and are living off the grid. The Hemmes are planning to build a cob home and are hoping to become a certified-organic farm.

The Hemmes have three grown children and three grandchildren who come out and stay with them on the farm.

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