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Tobias Whitaker, Homeschooling Father and Urban Micro-Farmer

Name: Tobias Whitaker

Occupation: Homeschooling father of four, blogger, urban homesteader

Place of Residence: Sidney, New York

Background and Personal History: As a third-generation micro-farmer, Tobias had strong early influences in regards to responsibly working the land and taking pride in producing his own food. His maternal grandfather Raymund McElligott raised beef cattle and pigs on a small scale.

Tobias vividly remembers walking through the massive growth of his Great-Grandfather Galloway’s gardens as a youth as well. People used to drive from miles around to purchase his tomatoes and peppers.

Tobias embraced these early lessons and now, along with his wife Meghann, is raising four eager and energetic children on their 1/16-acre urban homestead. As their family has grown, so has their homesteads production. What was initially a small kitchen garden has grown into numerous vegetable, herb and edible flower gardens. Whitaker also raises hens and rabbits in the shade of his apple trees and berry bramble.

Current Projects: Tobias is currently working on an urban homesteading book. He is also exploring ways to increase his yearly yield and lengthen his growing season.

Other Fun Facts: Tobias enjoys collecting heirloom seeds and raising chickens. He currently has two rare Swedish Flower Hens in his flock and is eager to add more unique hens when the opportunity arises.

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