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Tim Rohrer, Polyface Farm Apprentice

Name: Tim Rohrer

Occupation: Apprentice at Polyface Farm

Place of Residence: Auburn, California

Background and Personal History: Born and raised in Northern California, the path to Polyface has been quite the trip for Tim. Feeling led at a young age that God wanted him to work with people and affect their lives as positively as he could, he set out to accomplish this task.

Honing his natural skills, Tim worked at a variety of jobs that gave him interaction with people as he sought to gain life experience. Tim worked to help break ground on an agro-tourism farm, then moved on to become a tour guide and program director for a Christian adventure camp, all the while studying to earn two Associate Degrees.

He was then selected to take part in a competitive college internship program with The Walt Disney Company at The Disneyland Resort, then went on to become the Executive Assistant for the CEO of a company that quantifies risk for investment purposes.

Tim found out about Polyface and applied for the internship program, and, after working as an intern, Tim was invited to continue on as an apprentice. Each life experience has further strengthened his drive and desire to reach people as best he can.

Tim feels that farming is one of the ways God plans to use him to reach others. Honest food derived from honest work. He enjoys the ins and outs of farming and he would love to say hello if you drop by the farm.

Current Projects: At this time, Tim is focusing on perfecting his farming methods, as well as honing his public speaking skills to be able to better inform and teach the next generation of farmers.

Other Fun Facts: Tim loves the outdoors. Whether it is backpacking, day hikes, bouldering, mountain biking, stargazing, or swimming in a river, Tim is in his element. In his opinion, the only thing that could improve his outdoor experiences is if he can share them with his friends and family.

More Places to Find Tim on the Web: Tim has been documenting his day-to-day experiences at Polyface through an Instagram account. Follow him on Instagram @mypolyfaceperspective.