Tara-Sky Alford, Homesteading Dairy Goat Farmer

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Tara-Sky Alford, Homesteading Dairy Goat Farmer

Name: Tara-Sky Alford

Occupation: Dairy Goat Farmer, Homesteader, Teacher, and Writer

Background and Personal History: In 2012, Tara-Sky and her family began homesteading on their new farm. Since then, they have eagerly delved into the world of dairy goats, poultry, homeschooling, and organic gardening. She writes about their fledgling experiences — of a family surviving on prayer and trial and error.

Current Projects: Cheesemaking, organic gardening and preserving, heritage breeds, self-sufficient farming, baking, homeschooling, creating a CSA program, and wood energy.

Other Fun Facts: Tara-Sky has been known to milk goats in her kitchen, in the pouring rain, with a toddler on her lap, and in wedding attire.

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