Tabitha Alterman, Contributing Editor

Tabitha Alterman has maintained a lifelong interest in living lightly on the planet while soaking up all its glory, in both work and play. She revels in fresh air and sunshine, music with a soul, uninhibited dancing, long bouts of travel, growing flavorful food, celebrating the seasons through cooking and — above all — good times with the good people she holds near and dear. She values wit and beauty, but neither above compassion. Her favorite words are bunk, sagacious and smarmy.

Tabitha considers cooking with high-quality, artisanal and homegrown foods to be one of life’s greatest joys, and it’s a joy she relishes sharing with others. She believes sustainability and self-sufficiency are the keys to better-tasting food, not to mention a richer life. Her kitchen is usually full of interesting foodie science experiments. She does her best to grow delicious, healthy veggies and herbs via tiny bits of space here and there, including a little patch in Kansas and her fire escape and windowsills. She is grateful to the red wiggly worms on her fire escape that happily turn kitchen scraps into free, healthy fertilizer. She enjoys tracking down food experiences with fascinating stories all over the world, and feels lucky that she gets to tell stories and promote the valuable work of good food folks everywhere.

Tabitha studied English literature at Hendrix College in Conway, Ark., aka The Natural State, where she misses the pecan grove and Petit Jean Mountain the most. She has also lived under the grey skies and shimmering spires of Oxford, England; the massive magnolias and wraparound porches of her hometown of Memphis, Tenn.; on the side of a volcano in Hawaii’s Kona Coast; in a bungalow in hip, crunchy Lawrence, Kan.; among the last stands of tallgrass prairie in the Flint Hills; in the shadow of South Mountain in Phoenix, Ariz.; and in her vibrant and diverse neighborhood of West Harlem in New York City.


Tabitha Alterman with Homebrew 

2008:  Alterman enjoys an organic 'Mother Earth
Brews Alt,' a scrumpdidlyuptious beer in the brews
alt style that she brewed with Davin Bartosch, a good
buddy of hers who makes beer at Rock Bottom Brewery 
in Chicago.

Tabitha Alterman Baker Creek
2005:  Alterman's display of heirloom veggies from
her editor's and her own organic gardens in Kansas
won Second Best Display at the annual heirloom
plant festival at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in
Mansfield, Mo.

Tabitha Alterman beach 

2004:  Alterman at her favorite mostly untouched, 
still-wild place, which is a secret, and she plans to
keep it that way!