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Scott Vlaun, Director of the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy

Name: Scott Vlaun

Occupation: Photographer, Writer, Teacher, Timber Framer, Market Gardener, Permaculture Designer, Homesteader and Dedicated Dad

Place of Residence: Otisfield, Maine

Background and Personal History: Scott grew up in Connecticut where he gardened with his grandparents. After abandoning an education in environmental science to pursue a career in art, he became a documentary photographer and soon realized that the environment that he was documenting was in peril, and so were the species it supported, including Homo sapiens. Scott worked for nearly twenty years in the organic seed movement writing hundreds of articles and taking thousands of photographs to support the conservation of our genetic heritage and the concept of truly sustainable agriculture. Most recently he was the principle photographer for The Organic Seed Grower by John Navazio and is working on a new seed saving book with the Organic Seed Alliance. Scott has also written about corn, wheat and amaranth for MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Current Projects: Besides growing for his local food co-op and farmers market, and teaching gardening and permaculture, Scott is co-founder and director of the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy in Norway, Maine, an organization dedicated to community resilience, ecological restoration, and vibrant local economies.

Other Fun Facts: Scott is an avid telemark skier and cyclist. He is often seen riding the eight miles between his farm and town, pedaling tandem with his son Jasper and towing a cooler full of produce for market.

More Places to Find Me on the Web: You can learn more about the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy at

Founders of CEBE (from left to right): Shawn Kane (with Maesa), Seal Rossignol, Zizi Vlaun, Jasper Vlaun, Scott Vlaun