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Sarah Hart Morgan, Foraged Plant Designer and Photographer

Occupation:  Artist, designer, photographer, gardener, homesteader, experimenter, DIY maven, magic seeker

Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking, and photographing our beautiful Shenandoah Valley, thrifting, gardening, crafting, and creating.

Residence:  Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Background:  Sarah has been an artist and creator all of her life. With a degree in Design, and a love of learning new skills, she has dabbled in a bit of everything. She loves to create a comfortable home for her family with unique decor that you can’t find in a big box store that focuses on the nature surrounding them.

She loves the process of connecting with the magic of nature and wants to share that love with others to help them develop their own practices and considers her art as the byproduct of that process. A beautiful, beautiful byproduct.

In addition to art, Sarah used grown and foraged plants to develop a line of skincare formulas that she sells in her debut book, Forrest + Thyme Apothecary: simple skin care formulas you can make uniquely your own. She was a huge fan of the original MacGyver TV show and loves to figure out all the ways she can use a plant in her work.  She is currently working with foraged plants around her property in her skincare and apothecary products, camera-less photography art series, using plants as a developing agent in film photography, and most recently, working with them to create natural inks for painting and other projects.

You can find Sarah on her small homestead with her husband and son, surrounded by the rolling farmland of the Shenandoah Valley, tending to her garden, animals and bees, and creating whatever happens to capture her attention that day.

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