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Rehana Franklin, Shenandoah Valley Cooperative Living Farmer

Name: Rehana Franklin

Occupation: Baker, aspiring farmer, permaculture enthusiast, writer

Place of Residence: Hinton, Virginia

Background and Personal History: Rehana spent her formative years in Botswana and has traveled extensively internationally and in the Western and Midwestern states. She left university three years into a double major of Peace-building and Development and Writing Studies and has lived more or less the last four years in the Shenandoah Valley, western Virginia, with hiatuses spent living and working in intentional communities, organic farms, and eco-villages. She is now living on what her housemates affectionately termed a “farmette” with dreams of being a full-time homesteader.

Current Projects: Herb spiral, infrastructure renovation (can you say, fiberglass?), ducklings, fall garden, compost pile, firewood processing, food preservation, paying the bills, making her house a home, learning how to balance income-generating activities with passions, and how to be an adult.

Other Fun Facts: Rehana loves the term “hippie,” is a perennially passionate writer, dabbles in poetry and music-making and couldn’t be chasing the dream without an incredible, loving family of blood and choice. She believes activism can be a lifestyle.

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