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Randy Walker, Urban Survival and Sustainable Forestry Enthusiast

Name: Randy Walker

Occupation: Nine years as a family therapist and 17 years executive director of a small non-profit providing services for at-risk youth. Now retired.

Place of Residence: Royalton, Vermont

Background and Personal History: Randy worked in social services for 30 years as a family therapist and executive director of a nonprofit agency that provided services and residential treatment for at-risk, court-referred, pregnant and parenting youth. He is a musician (drummer) and artist. Randy was married for 30 years and has three grown children.

Current Projects: Randy is currently working with Tom Brown, Jr., on re-writing his Field Guide to City and Suburban Survival, originally published 30 years ago. This editions will add many more skills and survival alternatives to the original, and will include the new sub-title How to survive minor inconveniences and major catastrophes.

Randy is also part of a team that helps Tom with his online classes by monitoring student comments, providing feedback and helping to answer questions related to the teachings.

Other Fun Facts: Randy is blessed with three amazing and wonderful children. He loves playing and listening to all types of music and enjoys wandering and tracking in the Vermont woods and the Pine Barrons of New Jersey. He is on the board of the nonprofit The Center for Transformational Practice, and organization that promotes inner transformation as the key to sustainable communities.