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Raintree Nursery

Company Name: Raintree Nursery

Location: Morton, Washington

Company History:  Since 1972, Raintree Nursery has been supplying flavorful, disease-resistant fruit varieties to backyard gardeners like you. Raintree selects fruit varieties for flavor and ease of growing, with you, the backyard gardener, in mind. The company has searched the world to collect the best backyard fruit varieties for you, the American gardener, as you will see as you enjoy their catalog. 

Most mail-order fruit nurseries choose their varieties for the commercial grower and since they grow many thousands of each variety, they then offer those same varieties to you.

Commercial fruit varieties — the same ones you find in the supermarkets — are grown for their uniformity of shape and color, their ability to keep in controlled storage and their high production. Raintree frankly doesn’t care how bright and shiny the fruit is or how well it can ship across the country. They care, instead, about how flavorful the fruit is and how easy it is for you, the backyard grower, to grow.

Company Specialties: Fruit trees, berries, unusual edibles

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