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NaQuela Pack, Community Advocate and Mindfulness Facilitator

Occupation: Volunteer manager, TEFL teacher, mindfulness facilitator, reiki practitioner, community advocate, and nonprofit board member

Residence: Wichita, Kan.

Background: Naquela contributes her growing interest and connection with DIY projects, nature and a healthy lifestyle to her mother, who raised her in Wichita, Kan. DIY projects were an ongoing trend in her household growing up. Living under the same roof as a Registered Nurse, Naquela remembers reading through medical diagnosis textbooks and thinking, “there must be a way to prevent all these diseases.” That notion has stuck with her and contributed to her vegetarian diet, her mindfulness practices, and her being a holistic and herbal enthusiast.

Naquela holds a Master’s in Public Administration degree from Wichita State University with a certificate in nonprofit management. Her work in the community continues to intersect with social services, advancing a mission to improve the quality of life with her passion for helping others and engaging with the community. Naquela says getting to work with an event production company, Festive ICT, which coordinates one of the largest food festivals in her city, is a beautiful balance of fun, tacos, and community! She has been involved with activities ranging from working with youth and curating discussions and experiences that explore appreciating nature, healthy eating, and empowerment; to asset mapping, analyzing low-income neighborhoods’ access to nutritious food, and many community events.

Naquela lived in Thailand for almost a year, where she began studying with Mindful Schools to learn more on the science and research of mindfulness in adults and in youth in the public education system. This empowered Naquela to create a virtual space to connect and expand mindfulness, movement and self-care practices, Insight 2 Heal.

Connect with NaQuela at Insight 2 Heal, on Facebook, at Insight 2 Heal’s Facebook page, and on Instagram.

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