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Mizz Tizzy’s Weeds and Seeds

Company Name: Mizz Tizzy’s Weeds and Seeds

Location: Winder, Georgia

Sell internationally through Etsy.com.

A Brief Company History: Mizz Tizzy’sJoanne Roth was born in St. Louis, Mo., but has lived all over the world since then. She started out in advertising and is an illustrator, was art director and owned her own ad agency, with a love of botany. Plants are more peaceful.

Joanne practices permaculture (forest gardening) techniques, which have revolutionized her garden’s growing habits, its health and its ability to manage the moisture it uses. Her discovery of this new technique of gardening (actually ancient and now renewed again) started with the observation and study in the different states and countries where she lived. It is such a rewarding technique to use permaculture techniques, because the improvements are quick to see and lasting. The rapid growth rates, and improved production are amazing.

Joanne would first like to tell you that all of the seeds that she sells are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, and therefore, are grown organically, and most are either heirloom and/or historic varieties. She makes her own pesticides and fungicides from the plants that she grows, and teaches customers how to do the same by including pamphlets with each order.

She also does not use any GE (genetically engineered) or GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds as the seeds would not be true to their parent, possibly harmful to your health and/or other garden sites or farm fields of crops. Joanne questions their safety, viability, and the ethics behind the process, and feels that if they would release info about their process, it would help with the understanding. Mizz Tizzy’s Weeds and Seeds’ seeds are openly pollinated.

Company Specialties: Joanne teaches permaculture, and believes highly in education for better food production and success, preservation of the land and its soils, healthier foods grown on those lands, and the growing of plants that will be sustainable and successful in a variety of climates. Every successful gardener she teaches is a win for Mizz Tizzy’s Weeds and Seeds.

Other Fun Facts about Mizz Tizzy’s Weeds and Seeds: Mizz Tizzy’s Weeds and Seeds was named after Joanne’s Golden Retriever, who was renamed Mizz Tizzy. Mizz Tizzy is a rescued ‘puppy mill dog’ and was badly treated and afraid of everything. So Joanne changed her name from “Spicy Bear,” which she would not answer to, to Mizz Tizzy, because she had, and still has “tizzy-fits” about most everything. But she is braver in the gardens, and helps there, too, so Joanne has honored her by naming the company after her.

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