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 Michael Jack, Trans-American Cyclist

 Name:  Michael

 Chartered Building Surveyor

Nationality: Scottish

Place of Residence: Leeds, Yorkshire

and Personal History:
  Michael is a part-time adventurer,
full-time Chartered Surveyor residing in the UK. He is benefiting from very kind employers and taking three months off to
cycle the 4,200 miles of the Trans-American trail, passing through ten states
and 4 time zones. It is Michael’s second
sabbatical in two years — the last was canoeing the MacKenzie river in the Canadian North West Territories. Read his canoeing blog here.

A nice break
from the rat race, Michael is a big net user of the cliché and therefore his attitude
is aligned with the ideas that you only live once, life is what you make it and you should follow your dreams.

Current Projects:  Trans-Amercian Trail 2013!

More Places to Find Me on the Web: