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Maura White – A Girl Out of Water

Name:  Maura White

Occupation:  Stained Glass Artist

Place of Residence:  Tennessee

Hobbies:  Maura is a glass artist, seamstress, quilter, cook, jewelry maker, natural soap maker, and avid reader.  She loves old cars and drives an old 50’s Chevy Panel truck around town.

Personal History:  Maura White grew up in a sleepy beach town in Southern California back when there WERE sleepy beach towns.  When she married her husband, a Marine, they moved quite a bit and have lived many places, including Asia.  Every place they moved they would look at farms and land, looking forward to the day they could buy a farm. 

Current Projects: Our farm is a work in progress, which all farmers will tell you is the case, because the to-do list is NEVER done. 

Other Fun Facts:  Maura is an artist, her husband is an engineer.  One of Maura’s brothers likened them to the TV show Darma and Greg.  If you want a good laugh, it would be watching them have a conversation while they are trying to come to an agreement.  He wants everything logical and orderly and she wants to paint everything with lots of color and/or put in stained glass windows or mosaics.  Oil and water don’t mix, but sure make a great dressing!  And that’s how they look at it:  they make a great team.

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