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Matt Trammell, Gourmet Mushroom Cultivator

Name: Matt Trammell

Occupation: Gourmet mushroom cultivator

Place of Residence: Warrensburg, Missouri

Background and Personal History: First and foremost, Matt is a husband and father with two children. He has a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and has worked in banks, restaurants, schools, and at Walt Disney World. These may all sound unrelated, but Matt has learned so much from each that it blends right into his farm and daily life. He homeschools his two children and they have been growing gourmet mushrooms for farmers markets and restaurants for more than two years. The family is currently in the process of adding more of an agritourism aspect to their farm.

Current Projects: Matt is working to quadruple his current production by expanding growing facilities.

Other Fun Facts: Matt and his family have two American tundra shepherds who offer a combined 200 pounds of coyote protection. Matt into growing mushrooms because of a leaky washer. He has spoken at two previous MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS in Kansas.

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