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Marc Thoma, Tranquil Garden Urban Homestead

Name: Marc Thoma

Interests and Passions: growing vegetables and fruit, greenhouse growing, home medicine, outdoor construction, sustainability, renewable energy sources, battery electric vehicles, woodworking, model railroading

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Website: Tranquil Garden Urban Homestead

Marc is an immigrant from Germany (many, many years ago) that has been actively gardening for over 15 years, growing many vegetables, fruit and herbs.

He started off trying to garden on a patio at the first apartment he rented with mixed success. When he bought his first house, he finally had an actual garden and started growing his own vegetables, fruit and herbs successfully.

A few years later when he and his wife decided to move, the unique selling point of their new house was an extensive vegetable garden, greenhouse and established fruit “orchard”. They fell in love with the place and have worked on and off making improvements, including building a newer, better greenhouse. Life got very busy with the birth of their daughter in 2013 and some parts of the garden didn’t get much attention.

At the start of 2017, Marc finally had time to focus on his garden more and built new cedar raised vegetable beds and compost. He put more effort into growing vegetables and his family had the best year ever, eating lots of produce from their garden.

In the spring of 2017, he decided to share his passion for gardening with others and started the Tranquil Garden blog and website at

The blog was rebranded in October 2018 to the Tranquil Garden Urban Homestead to focus on Marc’s goal of becoming more self-sufficient on 1/8 acre. He is studying to make his own medicine  and expanding his knowledge in intensive gardening practices. With the abundance of bumper harvests he is also learning more advanced preservation techniques.

He has recently published an eBook which he is very passionate about: the Children’s Garden Planter Box eBook in which he instructs you on how to build a 2’x3’ cedar planter box, a perfect size for a child (or adult!) just starting off growing their own vegetables and fruit

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