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 Lindsey Bugbee, DIY Artist

Name: Lindsey Bugbee

The Postman’s Knock 

Place of Residence: Boulder, Colo.

Background and Personal
Growing up in rural Kansas taught Lindsey that creativity keeps
life interesting. When it rained, she’d go out in the sand/dirt driveway with a
stick and scratch out an entire home floor plan, complete with Victorian-style couch
and canopy bed. She drew on the walls of the century-old house her family lived
in, much to her mother’s consternation. However, it wasn’t all in vain, as
Lindsey retained her affinity for creativity and art as she grew up.

Lindsey attended college at the
University of Kansas, where she earned a degree in English. During her time at
KU, she had an editorial internship at Mother Earth News, where she learned garden
tips and gained valuable blogging experience. Naturally, the bulk of her blogs
as an intern concerned creative ways to save money while still managing to
maintain lovely surroundings.

After college, Lindsey moved to
Boulder, Colo., to be closer to her family in Colby, Kan. For a year, she
worked for a software company in Boulder, but she couldn’t help but wonder what
she could do with her artistic talents. After months of working on The
Postman’s Knock, Lindsey’s design company offering readymade and custom
calligraphy, graphic design, and art, Lindsey handed in her notice at her “day
job” and began pursuing her dream. The Postman’s Knock continues to thrive, and
Lindsey loves doing, well, what she loves — along with a healthy dose of DIY on
the side!

Past Projects:
Lindsey’s work has appeared in 435 South
of Kansas City,
and she has collaborated with the Leukemia & Lymphoma
Society of Chicago and the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation of
Chicago by donating artwork for fundraising purposes. Lindsey also has a soft
spot for Community Chickens,
and creates chicken artwork for Community Chickens special occasions.

Other Fun Facts: Lindsey
is kept on track by her other half, a Mechanical Engineering PhD candidate at
CU-Boulder. He runs the technical side of things, like website design! When the
two aren’t working on The Postman’s Knock, they love trying out Boulder/Denver
restaurants and trying to make their garden successful. Their ultimate goal is
to successfully grow aji amarillo
peppers (and if anyone has any tips, Lindsey would love to hear from you).

More Places to Find Lindsey on the Web: 

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Lindsey’s blog at
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