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Leila and Anthony, Recipe-Hunting World Travelers and Food Ethnographers

Name: Leila and Anthony, The Recipe Hunters

Occupation: Food Ethnographers

Place of Residence: On a farm, somewhere in the world

Background: The Recipe Hunters — Leila and Anthony — travel the world in search for age-old, traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. After they find someone who practices their culinary heritage in the form of a traditional recipe or artisan food product, they record the recipe from beginning to end. On their travels, The Recipe Hunters volunteer on organic farms, small homesteads and family farms, where they learn about sustainable agriculture.

While volunteering, they live with local people and do their best to get to know other members within the community. This approach to traveling leads them to beautiful relationships and unforgettable recipes. Their recipe search criteria has evolved over time, from searching for “family recipes” to searching for traditional recipes that meet the following standards:

a. the recipe must have cultural significance,

b. the recipe must use local and seasonal ingredients, and

c. (optional but preferred) the most essential ingredient must be harvested or foraged locally as part of the recipe

Leila and Anthony, as The Recipe Hunters, record and promote their experiences, the traditional recipes, and the stories of locals through photo-journalism and film on their website and through their social media. Their goal is to provide their audience with a natural, healthy perspective on the way people live and eat in homes around the world. In May 2015, Leila and Anthony cofounded Culinary Heritage Corporation, a 501(3)(c) with a mission to promote culture through food.

Connect with Leila and Anthony:

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