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Laurie S. Z. Greenberg, Backyard Hoop House Gardener

Name: Laurie S. Z. Greenberg
Location: Upper Midwest 


Laurie’s day job is as a consultant working with farmers and cheesemakers. She develops educational materials and programs and conducts applied research to support small-scale (non-industrial) food producers. She has a Ph.D. in cultural geography and has worked and lived both in the United States and Mexico.

About Laurie:

Laurie was born with three favorite hobbies: gardening, cooking and photography. Midwest winters sometimes get in the way of gardening, so Laurie built (with a lot of help) a hoop house in her tiny urban backyard. It has changed her life to have a year-round place to garden and grow greens (such as those pictured below) for her family and friends!

Farmers have been experimenting with hoop houses in this country for decades. But backyard gardeners have to scale down and adapt commercial construction and production systems for the backyard hoop house.

Laurie thinks there are are legions of gardeners like herself who have hoop houses in their backyards or who are yearning to build one. She sees our backyards as tiny, individual urban agriculture experiment stations.

Why not network to compile our learning and gather our questions so we can help each other? 

On the Web:

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