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Lauren Widing, Local Foods Advocate and Harvest Food Blogger

Name: Lauren Widing

Place of Residence: Southeast Michigan

Background and Personal History: Lauren was raised out in the country by parents who were very health consciencious. For many years they ate entirely vegan. The failing health of her parents was soon reserved by the family’s change in diet. They never had colds and were full of energy.

Lauren is grateful for those seeds her parents planted as she has always questioned what was best for her consumption for optimal health. Now, years later as a wife and the meal planner in her home, she takes her job very seriously. She’s obsessed with creating healthy meals for her husband and using seasonal, local, organic, and whole foods.

Lauren’s husband and she have a large organic garden. They raise chickens, pheasants and honeybees. While her husband is out building something original from a fallen tree, Lauren is in the kitchen whipping up kale ravioli with fresh tomato sauce.

Current Projects: Lauren’s current projects include sharing recipes on her food blog that she shares with her dear friend Melissa who is a genius with a camera and a whiz with a whisk. The pair strives to use local and seasonal ingredients. They want to know where their food comes from and who is growing it, which is easy to do in Michigan.

Other Fun Facts: Lauren is currently writing a children’s book. Her husband and she collect over 150 gallons of sap a year for maple syrup. Lauren loves morel mushroom hunting.

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