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KimAnna Cellura-Shields: A Freelance Artist in the High Country

Name: KimAnna Cellura-Shields
Location: Del Norte, Colorado
They can also be found on “National Geographic’s” Four Corners Region Geotourism Map Guide!

KimAnna’s Story: In 1974 at the young age of sixteen I moved from Rochester N.Y. to Southern California.
Venturing into a small little health food store in Chatsworth one day, I fell in love with the energy, smells, foods and their tiny café in the back. That was also my first time ever eating an Avocado sandwich, which they made with sprouts and cashews, yummy!
It was love at first bite; this quaint space became my favorite place to eat.
The name of this sweet little gem is “Follow your Heart” and they are still in business!
Now I buy their great products like “Vegenaise” and their salad dressings to use in our cute little café and sell in our little organic grocery! “World-go-round in circles” I love it! Follow your Heart was my introduction to the health food world and it pretty much changed the way I looked at food and later on how I fed my family.
Being on my own at such a young age, I never had much of an opportunity for a formal education, I’d say for the most part I have been self taught and driven with a unbridled passion for the Arts and good Healthy Foods, and you know that good old saying “Necessity is the Mother of invention” that has been my motto! 

Occupation: KimAnna and her husband Michael own and operate a sweet little Oasis off of Hwy 160 in Southern Co. Located on the property is The “Organic Peddler on the Edge” (a small Organic Grocery/Gift Store), “Peace of Art Café” (an Organic Cordwood constructed Café), the “Antique Cabin.” You guessed it! Full of Antiques and Art done locally and from around the world! Also there is lodging “La Casita Bonita Inn” which is on the property & The “Mermaid Cottage” (this one is located 13 miles from town)

Past Occupations: Freelance Artist, Sculpture and Decorative Painter, Artist/writer under the name of “Kim A. Mauro C.D.A.”(Certified Decorative Artist) she taught at conventions and Art Studios around the country from 1982-1992
Kim designed and authored nine decorative painting books and was a co-author in several others; she is an award winning Artist/Writer that has a piece in a Folk Art Museum in Kansas and is honored to have a small piece in the Smithsonian as well.. 
She  has served on the board of the “Decorative Artist Work book” and written over fifty articles for magazines such as “Better Homes and Gardens” Decorative Woodcrafts, “The Decorative Painter”, “Decorative Arts Digest”, “Tole Painting U.S.A”.,
“Tole World”, “Let’s Paint”, Paint Works and “Decorative Artist Work book”
Then In 1992 Kim, Jerry (then Husband) and three daughters moved to “Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort” in New Mexico. Being a bit burnt out it was time for a change and change she did! Amongst other life changes this is where she ran “Poppy’s Café” and opened her first gift store “The Organic Peddler” in Ojo Caliente at the hot Springs,
which she sold in 1999 before moving to her present location in Del Norte, Colorado.

Present Passions: Designing, Cordwood Building, Woodworking, Glass work, recycling old objects into new useful art. “Being an Artist, I am easily amused and never bored”

For Fun: When not working, KimAnna loves spending time with her husband Michael, three daughters (whom are all grown and on their own now) and all their furry four- legged kids. Running, biking, planting seeds, doing art and being out in nature are a few of KimAnna’s favorite things. Oh, let’s not forget blogging for “Mother Earth News”!

Fun Facts: KimAnna and Michael live on a 35 acre solar ranch in a log Hogan and cabin that was built in a dormant Caldera Located on the western slope of the San Luis Valley, the  rock cliffs surrounding the land are eroded remnants of the 32 million year old Summer Coon volcano.
The “Peace of Art Café” is a cordwood building that was designed by KimAnna after reading “Rob Roy’s” cordwood book and she put in every wall her self with the help of  a friend or two on the other side of the wall when she was lucky!
This past July, KimAnna and Michael completed another cordwood project 
“The Mermaid Cottage” that began with a 5 day workshop that was led by
Rob and Jaki Roy; what a treat that was!
Favorite U-Tube: The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes 
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