K.C. Compton, Former Senior Editor

KC ComptonIn her early 20s, K.C. Compton’s primary ambition was to be a really great Earth mother according to the standards of her favorite magazine at the time, MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Never in a million years would the younger K.C. guess that a more mature version of her would one day be senior editor at this iconic magazine. From that early association with MOTHER, K.C. developed a lifelong passion for the food chain, from the beauty of really great soil to the deep pleasure of a locally sourced meal. She has a special affection for the healing process, and is knocked out by the amazing healing properties found in plants, as well as the capacity of our bodies to use nutrition for medicine and disease prevention.

K.C. comes to MOTHER EARTH NEWS after a career in journalism that began when she was a general assignments reporter for a daily newspaper in western Oklahoma. From there, she worked as a reporter, editor and columnist for the Albuquerque Journal and, later, the Santa Fe New Mexican. In 1996, she moved to Wyoming for an editing position with the statewide paper, the Casper Star-Tribune, and eventually to Colorado, where she wrote and edited for various new dot-com companies.

In 2001, she was hired as managing editor for MOTHER EARTH NEWS, a lucky break she still counts as one of her lifetime-best scores. From 2003 to late 2011, she worked as editor in chief for several of MOTHER EARTH NEWS' sister publications, starting with The Herb Companion and later including GRIT and Capper’s. In late winter 2011, she came back to the MOTHER EARTH NEWS fold as senior editor and is happy once again to be in the thick of an energetic, ongoing conversation about best gardening practices, sustainable energy choices, healthy animal husbandry and a view of the future that is abundant and attainable.

K.C. grew up in rural Oklahoma and doesn’t remember a year of her childhood that didn’t involve food — fresh, frozen or canned — from the family’s enormous garden. The definition of security begins there and the path to health, peace and wellbeing leads right into the kitchen. Her definition of world peace is a place where we all can cook for each other and make music together.