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JunkWize, London Recycling Advocates

Name: JunkWize

Occupation: Environmentally friendly rubbish removal service in London.

Place of Residence: London, United Kingdom.

Background and Personal History: JunkWize was created with one aim in mind: to ensure that Londoners could remove their rubbish in an easy and sustainable manner. By focusing on recycling that aim has been fulfilled and today JunkWize work right across Greater London with clients on both a corporate and domestic level.

They are licensed by The Environment Agency and they have built up positive relationships with recycling centers so that they know exactly where best to place items which are sometimes awkward to get rid of, such as televisions and computers.   

JunkWize blogs regularly on their website about issues surrounding recycling, sustainability, government policy and London.

The contributions from JunkWize are written by Alex Maccioni. One of the founding members of JunkWize, he’s helped grow the company rapidly over the last few years alongside the rest of his team. Now recognised as one of London’s most environmentally dutiful waste companies, he enjoys expressing his concerns and opinions about the state of the waste industry. He also enjoys advising people about the best ways to recycle as much as possible on a domestic level at home.

In future months other members of the JunkWize team will also be writing for MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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