Jonathan Olivier, Aspiring Young Farmer and Outdoor Journalist

Name: Jonathan OlivierJonathan Olivier Young Farmer

Occupation: Journalist and Author

Place of Residence: Most recently, Nashville, Tennessee, but these days, on the road

Background: Jonathan is a freelance journalist, having covered the environment and outdoors for Outside, Backpacker, REI, Louisiana Sportsman, and a host of other publications. In 2016, he published his debut novel, Between the Levees.

Current Projects: Throughout 2018, Jonathan is traveling with his partner, Brittney, with a goal of learning everything they can about farming. They’re both in their late 20s and have a vision of one day having a farm where they provide local, nutritionally dense produce to a community.

But, neither of them come from agricultural families (at least not their parents), so they have a lot of learning ahead of them. They’re engaging in a year-long apprenticeship, of sorts, by taking the next year to volunteer on farms around the Western U.S. and Canada to learn all that they can about sustainable, local farming. They work roughly 25 hours a week in exchange for room and board, as well as all of the knowledge they could ever possibly want.

Connect with Jonathan:

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