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Jodi Cronauer, Idaho Pastured Livestock Breeder

Name:Jodi Cronauer

Occupation: Horse and pig breeder, Registrar for the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry, and farmer

Place of Residence: Laona, Wisconsin

Background: Jodi grew up in rural Wisconsin and spent time farming with her Grandparents. She has always loved animals and enjoys spending as much time as possible training, feeding, combing, and working with her livestock.

Jodi became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2001 and moved with her husband to Pennsylvania. The pair opened their own office and also purchased a farm. Jodi brought two horses with her and from there, expanded to raising American Bison. She was fortunate enough to get a White Bison bull and he is now her herd bull. Each year, the bull produces a couple white calves. She knows and respects that her bison are still wild animals and she doesn’t go in with the herd directly.

Jodi has trained her bison herd to come when called for a nose petting, but she still respects them for who and what they are. Her husband wanted to branch out into pigs and because Jodi had grown up with pigs at her grandparents’ house and thought of them as only messy, muddy, and smelly, she resisted the idea until her husband introduced her to the world of Kunekune pigs. These adorable little pigs are extremely calm, very laid back, and wonderful to work with. But most important to Jodi is the fact that they GRAZE. No rooting the ground and destroying everything in sight. She added Idaho Pasture Pigs to her farm as soon as breed stock was available.

The Kunekune pig is a great pet pig, whereas the Idaho Pasture Pigs are fantastic meat pigs. The Idaho Pasture Pigs are also very gentle and easy to work with and, like the Kunekune, Idaho Pasture are grazing pigs. You would know horses or bison are on the family’s pastures, because they are grazed down nicely. Except for a wallow, the pastures do not suffer from craters.

Jodi’s passion is horses, and she was fortunate enough to switch from breeding American Paint horses to Gypsy Vanner Horses. She can’t say enough about this breed of horse. As with the calm, peaceful nature of the pigs, a breed that is more calm and relaxed than other breeds of horses is desirable.

Jodi is preparing for the Idaho Pasture Pigs registry to help promote and protect this wonderful breed of pasture pigs.

Current Projects: The first foal is due in March and Jodi and her family have 5 expected for this summer. Bison calves do not require much help, but will start arriving in May or June.

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