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Jerry Dennis, Michigan Science and Nature Author

Name:  Jerry Dennis


Occupation:  Freelance writer of books and essays about nature, science, environmental issues, and outdoor recreation.

Place of Residence: Northern Michigan

Background and Personal History: Jerry has earned his living as a full-time freelance writer since 1986, and in those years, he traveled widely to study nature and our place in the natural world. He’s married to graphic designer Gail Dennis, who was his high-school sweetheart and with whom he enjoys birding, canoeing, fishing, foraging for mushrooms and other edibles, and gardening (in the garden, and elsewhere, she’s the brains and he’s the brawn).

Jerry and Gail both grew up in northern Michigan, and though they’ve lived in several other places, they remain hopelessly in love with the region’s dunes, woods, rivers, and lakes, and the many friends and family members who live there. The Great Lakes, especially, keep them endlessly engaged, and are the subject of much of their creative work.

In 2015, Jerry and Gail teamed up with their long-time collaborator, artist Glenn Wolff, to start Big Maple Press, a small press that publishes special editions of their work available only from independent bookstores and our website.

Jerry and Gail have two sons: Aaron Dennis, who is a documentary filmmaker, Stone Hut Studios; and Nick Dennis, who owns a web design and marketing company, Binary Trail.

Current Projects: Jerry is currently at work on a book that will involve traveling across the U.S. and Canada in a camper van to study the state of our water resources. He’s also at work on a collection of new essays.

At Big Maple Press, they’re in the early stages of producing a series of limited-edition letterpress books that will combine Glenn Wolff’s etchings and Jerry’s words.

Other Fun Facts: Although Jerry spends as much time as he can outside, one of his secret pleasures is spending a day in bed or on the couch next to the fireplace reading novels. His favorite way to unwind after a day of writing? Turn on some music (he likes alternative rock and bluegrass), crack a beer or pour a glass of wine, and cook dinner. He especially enjoys cooking with ingredients from the robust local farm community in northern Michigan.

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