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Jennifer Nyberg

Place of Residence:  Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada 

Occupation: Jennifer is a brand new farmer desperate to stop the destruction of farmland in her neighbourhood.  She is determined to prove that even disused, marginal land can be incredibly productive and vital. 

Background:  Raised in suburbia, Jennifer had little contact with anything resembling a farm, but nevertheless fostered a strong love of nature and animals.  After nearly 20 years in a well paid, but dead-end job, she finally decided to pursue her dream of local, sustainable agriculture. 

Current Projects: Lambing is underway at Horse Drawn Farms.  A new, mobile 30-hen coop is planned for the summer, to make pasture rotation easier.  Jen is particularly interested in eco-mimicry: copying the natural progression of wild grazing animals (in a wild meadowland) with domestic animals on managed pasture.   

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