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Jennifer Dickinson, Mishap Maven

Occupation: Mom, nurse, gardener, and chicken keeper

Residence: New Jersey

Background: Jennifer is a suburban girl who never had a garden or picked up a chicken until her late 20s when she discovered a copy of MOTHER EARTH NEWS in the checkout aisle of Whole Foods and was forever changed. She had always valued self-reliance but never considered applying it at the most foundational level — to her food and shelter. All that changed as she took a deep dive into the MOTHER lifestyle. Soon after, Jennifer found herself growing tomatoes in her suburban backyard, composting food scraps, and, finally, housing chickens. She has an interest in self-sufficient living along with the energy and ability to make it happen.

Jennifer works part-time as a visiting nurse in her community and full-time as a Mom. In her former life, she was a mechanic and a medic in the Army and Air Force. She graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2007.

Current Projects: Finishing her deck, two oak trees in her backyard (or as her husband points out “the rest of our trim”), hatching spring chickens, getting the garden ready to plant and wondering why her spinach and broccoli did nothing this year, trying to find a forever home for her seventh (and last) rooster.

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram and Facebook. Rent a camp site on Jennifer’s New Jersey land by visiting her “Emerald Oasis” Hipcamp page.

Photo by Dave Dickinson