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Jenna Spesard, Self-Built Tiny House Adventurer

Name: Jenna Spesard

Occupation: Writer, Traveler, Adventurer, Tiny house mentor, and alternative lifestyle enthusiast

Place of Residence: Jenna travels full time in her self-built tiny house on wheels. Her backyard is constantly changing and it never stops expanding, yet she doesn’t even own a lawnmower.

Background and Personal History: In 2013, Jenna and her partner, Guillaume, decided they wanted to change their lives. In an effort to pursue an alternative nomadic lifestyle, they began building a tiny house on wheels. The dramatic downsize that followed taught Jenna a lot about life and green living. She began documenting their journey and educating herself on green homes, alternative lifestyles and minimalism. After a year of construction, the tiny house was ready to hit the road, and the next phase of Jenna and Guillaume’s life began.

Within the first year of travel, Jenna and Guillaume towed their tiny abode over 20,000 miles around North America and Canada. Along the way, they’ve invited thousands of people inside their tiny house, allowing others to glimpse a lifestyle centered around financial freedom, minimalism, responsible green living and nomadism.

Jenna and Guillaume also host tiny house construction workshops, attend tiny house conferences, interview other alternative lifestyle pioneers and explore nature every day. They are currently writing a book on their travels, featuring dozens of green and tiny homes.

Green Features of Jenna’s Tiny Home:

• Small footprint at 125 square feet – 1/20th the size of the average new home in the USA
• Composting toilet
• Solar power system
• LED lighting
• Low-flow water fixtures
• Kimberly woodstove (known to be extremely efficient)
• Reclaimed siding, internal paneling and staircase made from reclaimed fruit crates
• Roof shingles made from 50-percent recycled paper

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