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Jeff Davis, Permaculture Designer and Environmental Educator

Name: Jeff Davis

Occupation: Ecological designer, gardener, poet, artist, author, surfer, sailer, organizer, peacemaker and good listener

Place of Residence: Quail Springs Permaculture, Cuyama Valley, California

Background and Personal History: Jeff Davis is a writer, educator, designer, purpose-driven and life-long learner from Southern California. He received his BA in cultural anthropology, then went on to become an English teacher in Spain.

After a few years in flight both abroad and in the U.S., he landed back at home and began working in environmental education at The Ecology Center of San Juan Capistrano. While there, he wrote educational content and curriculum related to hands-on sustainability, and facilitated educational workshops, lectures, and permaculture design courses.

He has experienced ecological, off-grid, and communal living in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Solomon Islands, Costa Rica, Hawaii and beyond. Today, he offers permaculture design and installation services, and his most recent project includes an urban farm which grows organic produce for a neighboring restaurant.

Current Projects: Jeff is traveling with the intention of being of service to ecologically conscious communities throughout the West Coast and working on completing his second book of poetry and illustrations.

Values: Integrity, communication, honesty, listening, relationships, mindfulness, creativity, health, connection, fun, peace, adventure, exploration, solitude

More Places to Find Jeff on the Web:

Poetry and illustration at It Feels Good to Feel

DIY sustainability content at The Ecology Center

Feature magazine articles in print in The Ecology Center’s Evolve Issues 08 and 09.

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