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Jean-Martin Fortier, Organic Grower, Educator and Tool Expert

Name: Jean-Martin Fortier

Occupation: Organic grower, educator and tool expert

Place of Residence: Quebec, Canada

Background and Personal History: Jean-Martin is a professional organic grower and educator. For more than a decade, he has been making a living farming on just 1.5 acres of land and doing so profitably, grossing more than $100,000 per acre.

He is a tool expert and advisor for such companies as Johnny’s Selected SeedsDubois Agrinovation and Growers, all companies dedicated to supplying better gear for the new organic grower.

Regularly featured in mainstream newspapers, radio shows and television, JM’s message is one of empowerment in order to educate, encourage and inspire people to pursue a farming career and lifestyle. You can read an excerpt of his award-winning book by visiting The Market Gardener.

Current Projects: Jean-Martin is working on an upcoming educational documentary, The Market Gardener’s Toolkit, which will offer an unprecedented insight into the daily operations of his micro-farm, from seeding to transplanting, from weeding to harvesting. For more info, visit Possible Media.

Other Fun Facts: Jean-Martin is an avid surfer who lives 400 miles from any coast.

More Places to Find Jean-Martin on the Web:

Twitter @jm_fortier

Instagram @jeanmartinfortier

The Market Gardener on Facebook

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The Market Gardener Review:

Canadian innovator and entrepreneur Jean-Martin Fortier tackles good food production with a breakthrough local and human centric approach to the ecology and business of farming.

JM lays out his methodology in The Market Gardener in a readable, folksy prose that reads like a storybook. Few books have grabbed my attention as dramatically as this one because it’s ultimately doable for thousands of would be food and farm healers.

– Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

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