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Jason Drevenak, Primitive Skills Instructor

Name:  Jason Drevenak

Occupation:  Bushcraft Instructor

Place of Residence:  Hedgesville, West Virginia

Background and Personal History:  Jason grew up on his family’s homestead in West Virginia hunting, fishing, hiking, building shelters and making tools. After serving as a medic in the Army and subsequently returning to college, he made a career of teaching people how to engage with the outdoors through various businesses.

Now, his wife and he have returned to the family homestead to re-wild. They have quit their fancy jobs and are raising wheat and goats while they run a nonprofit bushcraft school to pass along some of their skills and knowledge. Jason also regularly teaches primitive skills at gatherings up and down the East Coast.

Current Projects:  The North American Bushcraft School teaches classes in ancient fermentation, basket-making, hide-tanning, flint-knapping, fire making among others. Its members are currently trying to attain total food sufficiency for themselves and their business.

Other Fun Facts:  Jason’s wife, who will feature in many of his blogs, is a graduate-degree-holding marine biologist from the Virgin Islands who is less sure of the couple’s choices than Jason is. This leads to more hilarity than he can describe in a fun fact.

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