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James Dearsley Surrey Beekeeper

Occupation: Sales and Marketing Director for an Overseas Property Company

Place of Residence: Dorking, Great Britain

Background:  Professionally James works as a Sales and Marketing Director in the overseas property industry which involves long hours and extensive traveling. As a young boy with his mother and father in the garden, being paid a paltry sum to dig up the weeds, started to pay off later in life as James is a keen gardener and this is where his interest in bees started.

James became a beekeeper almost by mistake. Late one night, reading the newspapers and seeing several articles dedicated to beekeeping, he became curious and the next day, while watering the garden it sealed his fate. Giving two honey bees a rather thourough wash with a hose while they investigated a foxglove, only then to be attacked by a cat tgat ran off with the bees, meant James had to do something about the situation. After all, he had just helped whatever it was attacking these poor insects by knocking off two more. Concerned about the plight of the humble honey bee James underwent extensive training to become a beekeeper and help the many other beekeepers dotted around the UK in the efforts to bolster bee numbers that were sadly decreasing at a rapid rate.

James is now a regular contributor to magazines such as the Ecologist, not to mention his blog, The Surry Beekeeper, with a large, vocal and loyal following. James also runs the world’s largest fan page for beekeeping with nearly 2,500 beekeepers from all over the world (and growing by the day!).

Outside of all of his property, gardening and bee interests, James is married to the very patient Jo and they have two fabulous little boys together Sebastian and Edward who will soon be put to work digging for weeds to earn their pocket money. 

Current Projects: James has a Beginner Beekeeping DVD about to hit the shops and is currently trying to set up a beekeeping business selling equipment and honey online. 

Other Fun Facts: James used to be a competitive swimmer almost turning professional, and has a secret passion, long running in his family, for potatoes.  

Other Places to Find James on the Web: Facebook, Twitter and his Surry Beekeeper blog