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Heather Alf, Grain Grower and Bread Baker

Name: Heather Alf

Occupation: Homemaker, Childbirth Instructor, Doula

Place of Residence: Disputanta, Virginia

Background and Personal History:  Heather, along with her husband, Shaun, has been working on homesteading projects since the couple married in 1999. They restored four houses while Shaun was in the Army. Thirteen years and five children later, Heather and Shaun are now settling in on their farm in southeastern Virginia. They are a Catholic, home-schooling family and hope to teach their children to be good stewards of the Earth.

Current Projects: Heather has numerous ongoing projects, including restoring her shed built in the 1800’s to house her Austrian grain mill, planting grain, maintaining a giant garden, preserving the food from her garden, and raising chickens, goats, and pigs. She also does a lot of craft projects (when she finds free time) — sewing, basketry, and crochet are her favorites.

Other Fun Facts: Heather is knowledgeable in the use of herbs and wild edibles, refurbishes old sewing machines, and plays the Ukulele. And, OK, she admits she’s a little bit quirky.

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