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Haden Kirkpatrick, Tech Guru and Autonomous Vehicle Enthusiast

Name: Haden Kirkpatrick

Occupation: Director of Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Esurance

Place of Residence: Bay Area, California

Background: Haden is a tech guru and established thought leader on topics including the “internet of things”, self-driving technology, and semi-autonomous vehicles. He is a prolific contributor to tech-focused publications with a pan-Pacific profile, having experience throughout the Pacific Rim, specifically in Southeast Asia.

Haden has been a Product, Marketing, and Strategy Executive for more than 15 years, growing early to mid-growth stage companies into substantial market forces across the telecommunications, mobility, financial services, and technology categories. He specializes in maximizing firms’ market impact, helping them disrupt crowded or semi-crowded markets through a combination of various product, technology, and marketing strategies.

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