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Grace Campbell, DR Power Equipment Copywriter

Name: Grace Campbell

Occupation: Copywriter, DR Power Equipment

Place of Residence: Vergennes, Vermont

Background and Personal History:  Back in the mid-1980’s, a group of property maintenance and gardening enthusiasts had the idea to take a traditional handheld string trimmer and put it on wheels, allowing them to push the machine instead of carrying it. This saved them from tons of back and arm strain and eventually led them to start DR Power Equipment, the home of the iconic DR Trimmer Mower. Ever since then, DR has been designing and engineering high-quality property maintenance tools that make caring for your country property easy and enjoyable.

Based in rural Vermont, DR Power Equipment enjoys caring for our land and takes great pride in beautifying and improving the place the company calls home. To help the company’s employees with their passion for independent country living, they appreciate good tools that are durable, simple, and useful.

Current Projects:

DR is constantly focused on new product innovation and finding new ways for our customers to enjoy their properties. The company recently launched a micro-site called Pickill (, where users can be part of our new product development process. Users can vote to ‘pick’ or ‘kill’ our new product ideas, comment on what features they like and which they dislike, as well as submit their own ideas. It’s the perfect way for those with large properties to help shape tools that they would find useful, and for DR to learn about what problems real people face.

Other Fun Facts:

DR’s first product was the iconic “trimmer on wheels,” the DR Trimmer Mower.

DR Power is located in picturesque Vergennes, Vermont.

DR has a staff of about 250 employees.

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