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Douglas Dedrick, Landscaper, Videographer and Environmental Law Enthusiast

Occupation: Lawn Care Professional, Landscaper, and Writer

Residence: Northeast North Carolina

Background: Douglas Dedrick has over a decade of experience as a landscaper, gardener, and lawn care professional. Over the last few years he has been building his writing career on many topics surrounding law, health and nature. Douglas enjoys spending his time studying controversial topics and writing captivating articles around them. When he’s not looking for things to investigate, he is usually writing articles about lawn care and the best ways to improve the overall look of their lawns.

He began landscaping in his early teens and has continued to build-on and improve his skills ever since. He first started out cutting his neighbor’s lawns to earn money and to aid in the development of the beauty of his neighborhood. Before he got his license, he would use his riding lawn mower to transport himself and his landscaping tools to jobs.

After graduating from high school, he worked for a few years before traveling the country with a backpack. He traveled the country for two years and learned a lot about plant medicines, among other things. Afterward, he settled back down in Virginia and started an herbal supplement company starting with reishi mushroom capsules. However, after moving to Upstate New York, that company was disbanded, and he resumed providing lawn care and landscaping services, and focused on growing his writing career.

Video projects:

Hidden Secrets of the Catskills. A documentary on the mostly unrenowned Native American structures of New England.

The Future of North Carolina’s OBX Endangered Horses. A documentary on the horses of the OBX, their impact on the environment and their fragile future.

Connect with Douglas at Healing Law.

Photo byKrystal Blackmouth,@KovacsPistolon Instagram