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David William House, Biogas Expert

Name: David William House

Occupation: Author, renewable energy consultant, designer, poet, husband of nearly 40 years, father of four brilliant stars, and member of the Bahá’í Faith.

Place of Residence: Aurora, Oregon

Background/History: David is the founder of Earthmind, an educational non-profit teaching about ecological living, as well as Computer Classroom, ici (computer sales), and an eponymous computer consultancy. He’s the author of Methane Systems, The Complete Biogas Handbook, Journey (a book of poetry), and numerous articles.

David is also the designer of a low-cost, plastic-bag-based biogas digester for equatorial belt countries and inventor of a patented new technology for cochlear implants.

Current Projects: Presently developing a low-cost (less than $300 for materials), kit-able, shippable, insulated, 2-square-meter biogas digester for temperate latitudes (i.e. can be used in the United States)

Other Fun Facts: David once got a phone call from Marlon Brando. He was interested in using biogas on his island near Tahiti. Another time, David was seated next to Alan Ginsberg, the poet, at a small gathering in David’s house. He asked Alan what it was like to be famous. He said “Fame is a koan” (a zen Buddhist riddle)

More places to find David on the Web:

VahidBiogas.com, renewable energy consultancy

VahidFarms.com, poetry

CompleteBiogas.com, source for The Complete Biogas Handbook, the bible of biogas