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David Hrivnak

Occupation: I am an engineer by training (Virginia Tech) and then I added an MBA.  But when it comes to energy efficiency, I am mostly self taught from reading and most importantly by doing.  Part of that is reading Mother Earth News and back in the day traveling to the demonstration site in western N.C., prior to us building our first home.
Place of Residence: Kingsport, Tennessee   

Background: Builder, Tinkerer, Hiker, Camper & Scouter

Personal History: Designed and built two passive solar homes that use half the electricity of our neighbors’ homes.  Converted my truck and Prius into plug-in electric hybrids, and converted a 1997 Jeep to all electric drive.

Current Projects: Mentored the local high school team in the Robotics First Challenge.

Other Fun Facts: Past President of Holston Habitat for Humanity, Church Council (now for the third time), Scoutmaster for 5 years graduating 14 Eagle Scouts

                                                                                              More Places to Find Me on the Web:www.teslamotorsclub.com